Equal EsportsDie Esports Profi Spielerinnen von SK Gaming des Equal eSports Cup, halten die Trophäe als Sieg im Equal eSports Cup in die Luft. Der Equal eSports Cup wird organisiert von der esports player foundation, SK Gaming, Riot Games und der Deutsche Telekom.

Which teams will secure the last two spots in the Equal eSports Cup?

This weekend, the Open Qualifier of the Equal eSports Cup 2024 will take place. A total of 20 teams will be competing to secure the last two spots in this globally unique esports tournament. With a record participation of 20 teams, the Equal eSports Cup impressively demonstrates its potential, as well as the steady growth and increasing popularity of the tournament, which aims to provide a stage for women and non-binary players to showcase their skills in competition with the best of the best.

Equal eSports Cup: The first time with African teams

Particularly noteworthy is the first-time participation of two teams consisting exclusively of African players. This marks a significant step in the diversification and internationalization of the Equal eSports Cup. A third team is made up of four African players and one German player. This diverse representation demonstrates the global appeal that the Equal eSports Cup embodies. We also observed that the participants in the Open Qualifier came from a total of 24 different countries. This diversity and participation from so many different countries is an incredible success for us, but also for European esports!

Anticipation and excitement: the last spots are at stake

We are extremely excited about the upcoming matches and are keeping our fingers crossed for all participating teams. It’s all about the last two spots in the Equal eSports Cup and the chance to compete with teams such as G2 Hel, Vitality Rising Bees, SK Avarosa and many more. We look forward to seeing the outstanding performances and sporting spirit of the players in action.

Looking to the future: The importance of the Equal eSports Cup

The Equal eSports Cup is more than just a tournament; it is a platform for inclusion and diversity in esports. Through the support and participation of players from all over the world, the Equal eSports Cup sends a strong signal for equal opportunities and shows that talent and passion know no geographical or cultural boundaries. We are proud of the great development of this tournament and are happy to be a part of this inspiring movement. Together with our partners and the community, we will continue to work on making esports accessible to everyone and creating an environment in which all players can develop their full potential.

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