PartnerEin junger Mann mit Brille mit Klamotten der esports player foundation, sitzt auf einem Gaming Tisch der Marke LeetDesk. LeetDesk und die esports player foundation feiern mit diesem Bild ihre Partnerschaft.

Upgrade for the home setup of our talents with LeetDesk

We are pleased to welcome LeetDesk as a new partner of the esports player foundation. Thanks to this partnership, we can now provide our talents with ergonomic, height-adjustable gaming tables.

Optimum equipment for maximum performance

The new LeetDesk tables are specially designed to meet the needs of esports professionals. Not only do they offer an ergonomic design that supports the health and performance of our players, they are also made of robust materials to withstand the intense demands of professional gaming over a long period of time. LeetDesk enables our talents to reach their full potential by creating a perfect basis for concentrated and comfortable training with the gaming tables. Ergonomics in gaming has always been a crucial factor in preventing long-term damage and maximizing player performance. In LeetDesk, we have found a partner who shares this vision and supports us in creating the best possible training conditions.

First use at boot camp

Recently, our players had the opportunity to use the new LeetDesk tables for the first time at one of our bootcamps. The feedback was consistently positive, so we have now integrated them as a fixed component of our bootcamps.

Thank you LeetDesk

We are extremely grateful for the partnership with LeetDesk. This collaboration enables us to create the best conditions for our players and thus reliably support them on their way to top performance.

You can find out more about LeetDesk and our latest bootcamps here:

Bootcamp at the Aldiana Club Ampflwang – May (LinkedIn)