As the exclusive business and career partner of epf, PwC Germany supports young talents and established professionals within the elite scholarship. For more than 2 years now, epf has been dedicated to the development of Esports players in Germany.

Together with PwC Germany, epf enables 10 outstanding talents a very special and individual career support outside the Esports world.

What does elite scholarship mean?

  • financial support
  • business coaching
  • mentality assessments
  • a comprehensive mentoring network
  • regular tax and financial coaching
  • close dual career support

Our elite

Ryu Talha

Talha ‚Ryu‘ Kaya

Talha is among the talents who have improved the most during their time in epf. He already achieved a high rank on his family’s old laptop. After the PC upgrade, he also made great progress with the help of our coaches. At the DKB Diamonds Bootcamp, he was even able to collect praise from the BIG coaches in attendance from the Pro Division of the Prime League.

“The PwC support allows me to fully focus on the League of Legends grind. Also, the financial support allows me to pay attention to my health development as it gives me the freedom to take advantage of various paid services such as the gym.”

Marc Dawn Stumpf

Marc ‚Dawn‘ Stumpf

Marc is a young and solution-oriented physics student. His self-reflective nature was evident at first glance. Despite his young age, he is very strong in his mindset and strives to be the best in everything he does.

“I have the freedom to do what I have always dreamed of doing because of PwC’s support.”


Christian ‚Chryssey‘ Rublack

Christian was also part of the double promotion of the DKB Diamonds. He has contributed to the team’s excellent result in the Bot Lane position. He is ambitious and insightful and wants to make his breakthrough in the German League of Legends scene after finishing school next year. Outside of the game, he convinces with his friendly nature and with his commitment to the various support services of epf.

“PwC’s financial support allows me to focus on school and Esports without worries. Among other things, PwC has shown me what options are open to me and what careers could await me in Esports.”

Max Breidenstein Kanershi

Max ‚Kanershi‘ Breidenstein

Max is currently attending a business high school and sees himself in the world of finance later in life. He himself would like to become a tax or financial consultant. This is also expressed in his love of statistics and his ambitious or very structured pursuit of goals. Thanks to the scholarship, he can do without his part-time job and fully concentrate on school and Esports.

“Thanks to the PwC Elite sponsorship, I can focus completely on my dream as a Counter-Strike pro alongside school and at the same time build a second leg for my future after my career in Counter-Strike.”

Enes Aken

Enes ‚Aken‘ Akgül

Enes is one of the most interesting League of Legends talents in the epf. While in the game he made a big contribution with his offensive style of play in the mid-lane for the DKB Diamonds over their 30-0 regular season run, outside of the game he is a very calm and level-headed guy. He also focuses a lot on fitness, nutrition and mental toughness in addition to his playing accomplishments. He is self-critical and tries to take every suggestion that will help him get better. He studies in Manchester and splits his time between Germany and the UK. Enes has already appeared at many epf events and was always able to convince here with his friendly manner.

“PwC support means mental peace for me. The financial support and career advice allows me to focus on Esports as well as a plan B.”

Luna Zavee Lochmann

Luna ‚Zavee‘ Lochmann

Zavee is one of our best female talents that we support as part of the Equal Esports initiative. She plays ADC at a high level and now plays for the Esports organization BIG. She brings a strong mindset and creativity to every coaching session and is always looking to improve and work on herself. The Elite Funding Grant gives her the opportunity to fully focus on her Esports dream and become one of the first female pros in the highest divisions of Prime League.

“I can focus on League of Legends while PwC helps me plan my career after my career.”

Danli Kiss3TheRain

Danli ‚danli‘ Shen

Danli is one of our most promising Equal Esports talents of 2022.
She stands out with her helpful demeanor, curiosity, and ambitious mindset. To further her development, she has taken on the responsibility of Shotcaller from the Support Role. She plays for Female Only teams as well as Mixed teams, so far in the NLC. She has ambitions to compete with Mixed Teams at least in Div 2. Besides her Esports career, she is studying for her Masters in Bioinformatics. The elite sponsorship gives her the opportunity to focus more on her Esports career and realize her potential.

“It’s been a big help for me because I have less pressure to work so many hours a week, so I have more time to play League of Legends after college and work. Secondly, I can now be more proud of spending hours in Solo Queue and other workshops every day because “this is my job” like everything else. And I want to do it well!”

Pascal pxsl

Pascal ‚pxsl‘ Schneider

Pascal is one of our young CS talents. He is open-minded and takes all epf services conscientiously and in an exemplary manner. He recently finished school and is focused on his Esports dream full time for the next year. Since he will spend this year mainly on team searches and tryouts, the scholarship is the right way to accompany him on his way to the top of the world.

“PwC is helping me get one step closer to my goal of being a professional esports player!”

Robin 'Bonga' Zalat

Robin ‚Bonga‘ Zalat

Robin is a very structured young person. He has just started his studies as a physics engineer and hopes for a career after Esports. At the moment, he still puts a lot of emphasis on his career in Esports and is semi-professionally active here. He is very critical, very focused on his long-term goals and very attentive to himself and his development.

“I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to be part of PwC’s elite and thank you for the support. The promotion will give me more time to focus on my career and tackle new challenges. I will do my best to achieve my planned goals and am excited to see what new insights await me with PwC.”

Finn Finnry Radoy

Finn ‘Finnry’ Radoy

Finnry is one of our most ambitious talents. In addition to his playing career as a jungler in the DKB Diamonds, he is currently completing the final semesters of his psychology bachelor’s degree. He is extremely motivated and regularly films content with the epf at bootcamps and events. Finn has all doors open to him in both Esports and the professional world.

“PwC support for me means having both a short-term and long-term life plan, despite dedication to Esports, and getting the support I need to do that.”

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