EA SPORTS FC (formerly: FIFA) is a popular sports video game franchise developed and published by EA Sports. The series focuses on the sport of football and has gained a massive following worldwide. EA SPORTS FC lets players take control of their favorite soccer teams and compete in realistic virtual games, tournaments and leagues.

The gameplay in EA SPORTS FC strives to emulate the excitement and intensity of real-life football. Players can take part in various game modes, including single-player campaigns, online multiplayer matches and Ultimate Team, where they can build their dream team by purchasing and trading player cards. The game features realistic graphics, accurate player animations, and intuitive controls that allow players to perform intricate maneuvers, execute skillful moves, and experience the thrill of scoring goals. With its comprehensive roster of teams, extensive customization options, and attention to detail, EA SPORTS FC provides an immersive and immersive football experience that captures the essence of the beloved sport.


Hakan Aslan Website

Hakan Aslan

  • Nickname: FUTJoker
Marcel Gramann FIFA Coach

Marcel Gramann

  • Nickname: Minusmacher31


Jannis Pütz

  • Nickname: Jisten

Marcel Lutz

  • Nickname: Marlut
Maurice Pleuger

Maurice Pleuger

  • Nickname: ImBaFanTa

Nils Ozan Cataltepe

  • Nickname: Osmo

Philipp Gutmann

  • Nickname: Phil

Philipp Schermer

  • Nickname: Eisvogel

Till Franßen

  • Nickname: TriiioX_


Abdullah Haj Burhan

  • Nickname: Homsi

Arda Yilmaz

  • Nickname: ArdaY03

Christopher Wudi

  • Nickname: Chrisu6619

Jannis Koc

  • Nickname: Jannis-1501

Julien Fungk

  • Nickname: julien_fngk

Justin Weißflog

  • Nickname: Justinioo

Kevin Otten

  • Nickname: Lasogga

Len-Luca Seidel

  • Nickname: xLennii_

Leon Lorenz

  • Nickname: Satry_Hyper04


Leon Weiß

  • Nickname: Feuerleon

Luc Cornelius

  • Nickname: K0r4yye

Luca Alexander Weber

  • Nickname: LucaFIFA72

Marlon Zutz

  • Nickname: Marl_Craft

Mehmed Emin Özüm

  • Nickname: memo19x

Mehmet Mutlu

  • Nickname: Hayvan_aka_M

Milan Fischer

  • Nickname: MILAN_1506L

Nick Mittelstädt

  • Nickname: Nick

Nils Vorbusch

  • Nickname: vorbi07

Okan Karadag

  • Nickname: Fero23

Paul Hamel

  • Nickname: paul

Pawel Wrona

  • Nickname: Beast74

Rick Mietzsch

  • Nickname: Rick_Liebscher05

Robert Brysik

  • Nickname: matrob11

Samuel Oskoui Rad

  • Nickname: Samuel

Sebastian Wehmeyer

  • Nickname: xSeb22

Selin Simsek

  • Nickname: ChiefSelin