About the Equal eSports Initiative:

The Equal eSports Initiative is a common movement of Deutsche Telekom AG, SK Gaming and the esports player foundation. Initiated in September 2021, we are fighting for more diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in Esports.

In the long term, we want to enable women and non-binary talents to reach their full potential, normalize mixed teams and give them the recognition they deserve.

Equal eSports Talent Support:

We want to prove that women and non-binary players* are just as good as players read male. With this initiative, we bring Esports more into the center of society and give the players the opportunity to play themselves even more into the focus of professional teams in order to establish mixed teams in the long term.

Since 2021, we have been supporting European players who identify as women or non-binary with the Equal eSports talent promotion. In the third year, we are supporting a total of 22 players in the League of Legends and Brawl Stars titles. The 22 players come from 11 different European countries and will be supported for 12 months with a volume of 30,000 per player. 

The support includes all support elements of the esports player foundation, including ingame coaching, sports psychological support, regular fitness training, hardware support, a mentoring program and much more. This also includes two 7-day boot camps, in which the talents learn important routines for their career as a competitive athlete.