We would like to thank our Enabling Partners

Without the partners of the esports player foundation, no systematic promotion of talents would be possible. On behalf of all esporters in Germany, we thank:

Supporting talents on a new level. Mentoring network, dual career, workshops, tax and financial coaching are just some of the many points made possible thanks to PwC.

PwC, as one of the leading service professional firms in the world, is the official career partner of epf. With PwC’s outstanding position in the global market, we secure even more know-how and enable our talents to receive the best support outside of esports. In this way, PwC assumes sustainable responsibility for the development of our talents.

Deutsche Telekom is actively developing esports and gaming in Germany. The company already provides support in the form of network quality, technological expertise and innovative services. Together with the esports player foundation, it is now also creating the best framework conditions for the development of esports talent. The Equal Esports Initiative, founded in 2021, is intended to sustainably advance equality, diversity and thus also inclusion in Esports. Among other things, the initiative enables the promotion of female and non-binary players through epf and the annual Equal Esports Festival.

At the same time, Telekom wants to educate about the responsible use of digital sports. Young, talented players are to be taught values such as teamwork, fair play and a willingness to perform. In addition, parent workshops are held to promote understanding of Esports and gaming.

Techniker Krankenkasse is the official health partner of the esports player foundation and thus supports the promotion of players in one of the most important areas for a successful and long-term career. As a pioneer in its industry, Techniker Krankenkasse underlines its deep commitment to German Esports.

The importance of a healthy diet for mental and physical well-being and thus also for world-class performance has been scientifically proven, but is still underestimated today.

As an official Frische partner, Lidl takes responsibility for our talents in this subject area. Together with Lidl, we offer group coaching sessions as well as individual nutritional advice for our talents. Furthermore, under the guidance of Lidl experts, nutrition plans are developed for our athletes to provide them with optimal support in their training.

AnyDesk, one of the world’s leading providers of remote desktop software, is the latest enabling partner of the esports player foundation. The Stuttgart-based company’s software provides secure remote access to help players get the most out of their hardware and software. AnyDesk thus enables the maximisation of gaming performance and makes a significant contribution to the professionalisation of esports with this partnership.

CosmosDirekt supports the promotion of talents and professionals as an enabling partner. At the same time, individual insurance packages are put together for all those supported so that they can concentrate on their careers with a clear head. Cover at all levels releases creative forces and energy.

Our talents depend on a well-functioning set-up. Thanks to Xantaro, we have been able to work on constantly improving the technical playing conditions of our talents since 2023. From virtualization, infrastructure backup and control to cloud-based centralized services, orchestration and network systems automation, Xantaro excels. As a node operator, Xantaro is one of the most advanced technical providers. In Frankfurt, they have one of the most advanced network labs in the world. Many connections from Germany and Europe converge there. Together with Xantaro, we will get to know the professions around the technical nature of networks better and understand what is actually necessary for our talents to be able to play globally networked.

DKB is involved as an enabling partner and focuses on talent development: Together with DKB, we have created the free agent team “DKB Diamonds” and the associated academy team “DKB Diamonds RAW”. The Diamonds enable talented players to establish themselves in the scene and draw attention to their skills. The teams actively participate in the Strauss Prime League.

With its Fitness & Health wearables and smartwatches, Garmin is one of the world’s leading providers in sports and fitness. Garmin is now making its outstanding fitness expertise available to the sponsors of the esports player foundation and enabling targeted physical training, which has become a real success factor in modern esports.