What is the esports player foundation

The esports player foundation is a not-for-profit excellence and support institution and sees itself as an elite support organization. Since January 2020, we have been supporting young and top athletes on their way to the top of the world and are the world’s first and only esports excellence support institution. 

We support our athletes not only with support services within the game, but above all with measures that allow each talent an optimal development and performance environment. We support more than 100 Esports athletes in the globally relevant titles League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, FIFA, Brawl Stars and Fortnite.

Our values

The esports player foundation and its sponsored athletes are committed to the values: performance, respect and fair play. 

Performance means the will to constantly improve oneself. This includes a willingness to perform, an exemplary work ethic and ambition. 

Respect means respecting and acknowledging all fellow human beings as the basis for one’s own behavior. In this way, we position ourselves against Hatespeech and Toxicity as well as for equal opportunities and equal rights for all people.

Fairplay means the conscious adherence to rules. It is the attitude of all our athletes and also means respect for the sporting opponent and the preservation of his physical and psychological integrity.

Our mission

Enable talents to live their dreams and serve as role models

Enable talents to live their dreams…

Every talented gamer should be given the opportunity to pursue their dream of a career as a world-class esports athlete. The esports player foundation supports its athletes with services from a total of 5 funding modules. In this way, we enable our athletes to make the most of their own potential and achieve the maximum. 

With our support, we aim to establish our sponsored athletes among the world’s best in all relevant Esports titles and to further advance the recognition of Esports.

At the same time, all of our sponsored Esports athletes are holistic athletes. We support our athletes not only through ingame coaching, but also in the areas of body, mind and nutrition. Our support measures are consistently geared to the needs of the athletes. At the same time, we also take responsibility for a career after their career. In this way, we aim to strengthen self-determination and personal development.

…and serve as role models

Together with our athletes, we pursue the goal of establishing Esports in the middle of society. To achieve this, each of our athletes acts as a role model for all aspiring esports players. In this way, they have a positive effect on millions of gamers and propagate a self-image as top champions, including fitness, a performance sports-oriented diet, sleep as an essential building block for 100% performance, as well as pronounced mental health and strength. All sponsored athletes are committed to our values: performance, respect and fair play.

We are…

a strong alliance from the entire games industry, sports, politics and society. Our advisory board, which among other things is responsible for providing strategic advice to the management, brings together representatives from all of the above-mentioned industries. 

Thanks to our partners from business, society and politics, we can enable our athletes to reach their full potential and realize their dream. At the same time, they help our players become role models for the next generation of players and fans. 

As an alliance, we aim to promote the growth & recognition of the Esports industry and contribute to the development of the Esports ecosystem.

Further information

The esports player foundation is 100% owned by game e.V., association of the German game industry, and is controlled by ambassadors and supervisory board, in which the most important companies of German esports and representatives of politics act. They ensure that all revenues benefit the supported players.

For legal reasons, the esports player foundation operates as a limited liability company. However, potential profits will always be used to support esports players. This is assured by the game e.V. – Association of the German Games Industry as shareholder, the advisory board, as well as by the support of the State Chancellery of NRW. 

The esports player foundation is socio-politically and sport-politically neutral and acts as an institution for the promotion of elites.