League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is a highly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that was developed and published by Riot Games. In this game, two teams of five players each compete against each other with the goal of destroying the opposing team’s base, called the Nexus. Players take on the roles of unique champions, each with their own skills and play styles, and work together to overcome the opposing team’s defenses and strategically control the map.

The game is played from a top-down perspective, where players navigate their champions through the three main paths at the top, middle, and bottom, and the jungle area in between. During the game, players gain gold and experience by defeating enemy units and structures, which they can use to buy items and improve their champions’ abilities. Communication and teamwork are crucial in League of Legends, as players must coordinate their actions, develop strategies, and make tactical decisions to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents. With its competitive nature, diverse selection of champions, and constantly evolving meta, League of Legends offers a challenging and dynamic gaming experience that has captivated millions of players worldwide.

Head of League of Legends

Max Schaller StormFuryy

Maximilian Schaller

  • Nickname: StormFuryy


Nice guy Ben

Ben-Luca Nordgerling

  • Nickname: NiceGuyBen

Carl Lückmann

  • Nickname: ForellenLord
Chris Würger epf

Chris Würger

  • Nickname: MoSiTing

Dominik Mansch

  • Nickname: DIEMdodo

Finn-Lukas Salomon

  • Nickname: Don Arts

Hendrik Zeng

  • Nickname: Ghoulomat

Julian Romeike

  • Nickname: Primal

Leon Ali

  • Nickname: riku

Lothar Schadrin

  • Nickname: Lothi

Sebastian Schaar

  • Nickname: Sebi
Sermend Outlandisch

Sermend Al Hmawendi

  • Nickname: Outlandisch

Tim Rücker

  • Nickname: Sh0x

Valentin Gradow

  • Nickname: Vaunted

Yannick Greff

  • Nickname: Pandar


Aaron Schillinger

  • Nickname: Akirei
  • Role: Top

Adrian Kaymer

  • Nickname: Afroboi
  • Role: Jungle
Adrian Tazaku

Adrian Steiner

  • Nickname: Tazaku
  • Role: Bot

Alessandra Schmalfuß

  • Nickname: Nenris
  • Role: Bot

Alex Szymanski

  • Nickname: alex234
  • Role: Jungle

Alexander Angermann

  • Nickname: Mr. Nacho
  • Role: Jungle

Alexander Jaroslaw Mroz

  • Nickname: Xzander
  • Team: A One Man Army
  • Role: Top

Alina Müller

  • Nickname: Aly
  • Role: Jungle

Anastasia Moriben

  • Nickname: Zorthana
  • Role: Bot

Aria Gholampour

  • Nickname: Aria51
  • Role: Bot

Armin Kaymer

  • Nickname: Kaymin
  • Role: Mid

Berkant Ilhan

  • Nickname: Avra
  • Role: Bot

Charalampia Giannopoulou

  • Nickname: delicate
  • Role: Support

Colin Jaekel

  • Nickname: Big Sante
  • Role: Top

Dafina Gkerveni

  • Nickname: Apollonia
  • Role: Mid

Daniel Baumjohann

  • Nickname: Baumi123
  • Role: Mid
Kiss3TheRain LoL Spielerin

Danli Shen

  • Nickname: danli
  • Role: Support
Densi LoL

Denis Aljic

  • Nickname: Densi
  • Role: Jungle

Dogukan Kartop

  • Nickname: Dreilix
  • Role: Bot

Dominik Christensen

  • Nickname: Domevch
  • Role: Jungle

Dominik Koch

  • Nickname: Sprotte
  • Role: Top

Eva Fest

  • Nickname: Evalunna
  • Role: Support

Eva Murn

  • Nickname: Kyanna
  • Role: Support

Fabian Hunze

  • Nickname: Vikes
  • Role: Top
Justintime LoL Spieler

Fabian-Maximilian Gummelt

  • Nickname: JiT
  • Role: Jungle

Felix Schummel

  • Nickname: FornoReason
  • Role: Top

Francesco Cardia

  • Nickname: Shelfmade
  • Role: Top

Frank Onken

  • Nickname: FOnken
  • Role: Jungle
Gia Huy addusto

Gia Huy Khuat

  • Nickname: Addusto
  • Role: Top
Gina Kircher

Gina Kircher

  • Nickname: Lumi
  • Role: Support
Xagog LoL Spieler

Isa Arda Dagli

  • Nickname: Xagog
  • Role: Jungle

Jana Wrembel

  • Nickname: Jana
  • Role: Top

Jonas Kremer

  • Nickname: Jonny
  • Role: Mid
Difference LoL Spieler

Khaled Said

  • Nickname: Difference
  • Role: Top

Lasse Lorenz

  • Nickname: Crxpe
  • Role: Jungle

Laurin Szlapa

  • Nickname: lauiii7
  • Role: Mid

Leon Anton

  • Nickname: Leon
  • Role: Support
Relative LoL Spieler

Leon Lôc Van

  • Nickname: Relative
  • Role: Mid

Leon Skotarczak

  • Nickname: Leonidas
  • Role: Bot

Lily Kraft

  • Nickname: GWolfieG
  • Role: Top

Lorena Ortiz Martínez

  • Nickname: Emølga
  • Role: Top

Luca Dohle

  • Nickname: Honest
  • Role: Mid

Luca Frochte

  • Nickname: Shakur
  • Role: Bot
Zavee LoL Spielerin

Luna Lochmann

  • Nickname: Zavee
  • Role: Bot

Manon Legaignoux

  • Nickname: Sha
  • Role: Mid

Marcus Drechsler

  • Nickname: Hummelu
  • Role: Jungle

María de los Ángeles Zárate Cabrera

  • Nickname: Dragøn
  • Role: Mid

Marta Mesas Garrido

  • Nickname: Shiina
  • Role: Jungle
Maximilian Abels Pan

Maximilian Abels

  • Nickname: Pann
  • Role: Support

Maya Henckel

  • Nickname: Caltys
  • Role: Bot

Miella Steger

  • Nickname: Miella
  • Role: Bot

Miki Maurer

  • Nickname: Nugget
  • Role: Mid

Nick Celombitko

  • Nickname: Notiko
  • Role: Bot

Nico Lautwein

  • Nickname: LittleLaudi
  • Role: Jungle

Noah Richter

  • Nickname: noz2k
  • Role: Bot

Pascal Schulth

  • Nickname: Luke
  • Role: Mid

Patrycja Zawojek

  • Nickname: Itêza
  • Role: Bot
Lilipp League of Legends Spieler

Philipp Englert

  • Nickname: Lilipp
  • Role: Support

Raul Rizvanov

  • Nickname: Minz
  • Role: Mid

Rocco Palfi

  • Nickname: Looki
  • Role: Bot

Sarah Breton

  • Nickname: sanah
  • Role: Top
Sarah Lesch LoL

Sarah Lesch

  • Nickname: Sahrii
  • Team: Kanji Esports Academy
  • Role: Support

Sven Dürrkopf

  • Nickname: Tayto
  • Role: Top
Techoteco LoL Spieler

Teo Barliba

  • Nickname: Techoteco
  • Role: Jungle

Timo Bock

  • Nickname: Tockimo
  • Role: Support

Timothy Warscher

  • Nickname: DizL
  • Role: Bot

Vanessa Pulec

  • Nickname: Vanpire
  • Role: Mid

Victoria de la Torre Serna

  • Nickname: Indifferent
  • Role: Support