Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a successful multiplayer first-person shooter video game and the latest installment of the Counter-Strike series. It was developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2012. In the game, 10 players* compete against each other on seven different maps as members of terrorist or anti-terrorist teams. The objective of the game is to successfully complete certain tasks while defending against the enemies.

Head of CS:GO

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Sebastian Hoch Xenn

Sebastian Hoch

Previously: Planetkey Dynamics, No Limit Gaming (Player), Alternate aTTaX (Coach)

Platzhalter Person

Niclas Krumhorn

  • Nickname: enkay J

Previously: mTw, Team Alternate (Player), mousesports, EnVyUs, G2 (Analyst), Alternate aTTax, Sprout, BIG (Coach) – 7x German Champion (Player/Coach), Win DreamHack Masters Malmö, ESL Pro League 9 (Analyst)



Selin Alak

  • Nickname: spike
Richard shyqo Lindner website

Richard Lindner

  • Nickname: shyqo
Jana Daniela Wuchtig Haack

Jana Haack

  • Nickname: Wuchtig
Paul HuNt3erz Schöberl website

Paul Schöberl

  • Nickname: HuNt3rz
Hugo yugo Walde

Hugo Walde

  • Nickname: yugo
Platzhalter Person

Fynn Szusdziara

  • Nickname: statikS
Platzhalter Person

Fabian Salomon

  • Nickname: Spidergum
Platzhalter Person

Paul von Erdmannsdorff

  • Nickname: PerX
Platzhalter Person

Marvin Heylmann

  • Nickname: Mavex
Platzhalter Person

Niklas Tokic

  • Nickname: m1sterd
Platzhalter Person

Linus Behnisch

  • Nickname: l1nus
Platzhalter Person

Mirco Heck

  • Nickname: JustCharge
  • Team: Venary
Platzhalter Person

Deniz Görgülü

  • Nickname: Icey
Platzhalter Person

Florian Gloddek

  • Nickname: FoG
  • Team: SNOGARD