We support esports talents in Germany

We are witnessing the birth of a new sport for a new generation with its own heroes and legends. Millions of ambitious players are following the dream of reaching world-class level. We support the most promising talents on this path: as a not-for-profit institution, our only obligation is to support esport players in a responsible and forward-looking way.

Our support in esports

Through our individual support programmes, we create the best conditions for success for everyone.

  • Bootcamps
  • Fitness training
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Sports psychology
  • Media training
  • Financial support
  • Hardware Support

We promote your future

We also put a lot of emphasis on the future of talents besides esports.

  • School, training, study
  • Career guidance
  • Mentoring networks
  • Tax & financial advice
  • “Career after career”
  • Application training
  • Coaching

esports player foundation

We are the world’s first not-for-profit excellence and funding institution that focuses on the well-being and development of talents and professionals without exception.

We develop stars and heroes at world level, take responsibility for their careers and life afterwards, and act as role models for the millions of gamers in our target group.

Voices from the Advisory Board

"For us as league and tournament operators, the path 'From Zero to Hero' has always been a central promise - the esports player foundation makes a substantial contribution to this."
ralf-reichert-ESL Beirat epf
Ralf Reichert
ESL Gaming
epf Talentförderung csgo - bearbeitet
LoL Förderung epf
"The promotion of talent across society is a very important contribution to sustainable Esports. We are therefore pleased to be able to support epf with our know-how from the very beginning.."
Hans Christian Lueneborg
RIOT games

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Today is the first day of #PrideMonth. We wish everyone in the queer community a great month. Celebrate yourself and be proud! Always keep in mind, that you are valid and great, no madder your sexuality and gender identity! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️#EqualEsports https://t.co/QEpHzOg27M

SO PROUD of our talents @Svenerbarr, @OnePunchNano, @Wildenbruch_lol & @Techoteco1 who went UNDEFEATED in the first super week of the #StraussPrimeLeague 2nd division! 💪💜 https://t.co/AQzd8E4A9l

Finally a new episode of #MeetThePlayers is out!🤩 Learn more about @BIGCLANgg Chroma Support & #EqualEsports talent @LuminousBinding! 💜 Watch now on #YouTube! ➡️ https://t.co/LnwNcpmCZc https://t.co/vNzLNAhM9i

Congratulations to #EsportsAcademyNRW @WOB_Fabio on reaching Top 64 Europe at the FGS Qualifier!💪 https://t.co/6sTQBP2Okr

🚨LAST CALL🚨 Ihr könnt euch noch bis morgen für das @XPERION_NXT #CSGO Team bewerben.☝️ Nutzt diese einmalige Chance!💪 ➡️ https://t.co/2MHDzrQcsq https://t.co/xZlNmBZGlk

/german Wir haben lange auf den #EqualEsportsCup gewartet! 💪 Aber worauf freuen sich eigentlich die Spieler am meisten?

We’ve waited a long time for a tournament like the #EqualEsportsCup! 💪 Here’s a peek into what some of the participating players anticipate the most about the competition 🤩 https://t.co/5SnNwJtVSw

So many #EqualEsports talents in the top 3 of the @PATHFINDERSeu Main Event! 🤩 Congratulations to @G2League Hel with @TIFA_LoL, @Caltyss & @lizialol for winning the tournament!💪 https://t.co/rh9FfMq2gD