We support esports talents in Germany

We are witnessing the birth of a new sport for a new generation with its own heroes and legends. Millions of ambitious players are following the dream of reaching world-class level. We support the most promising talents on this path: as a not-for-profit institution, our only obligation is to support esport players in a responsible and forward-looking way.

Our support in esports

Through our individual support programmes, we create the best conditions for success for everyone.

  • Bootcamps
  • Fitness training
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Sports psychology
  • Media training
  • Financial support
  • Hardware Support

We promote your future

We also put a lot of emphasis on the future of talents besides esports.

  • School, training, study
  • Career guidance
  • Mentoring networks
  • Tax & financial advice
  • “Career after career”
  • Application training
  • Coaching

esports player foundation

We are the world’s first not-for-profit excellence and funding institution that focuses on the well-being and development of talents and professionals without exception.

We develop stars and heroes at world level, take responsibility for their careers and life afterwards, and act as role models for the millions of gamers in our target group.

Voices from the Advisory Board

"For us as league and tournament operators, the path 'From Zero to Hero' has always been a central promise - the esports player foundation makes a substantial contribution to this."
ralf-reichert-ESL Beirat epf
Ralf Reichert
ESL Gaming
epf Talentförderung csgo - bearbeitet
LoL Förderung epf
"The promotion of talent across society is a very important contribution to sustainable Esports. We are therefore pleased to be able to support epf with our know-how from the very beginning.."
Hans Christian Lueneborg
RIOT games

Stay up to date

Our next #epfbootcamp is finally starting 🤩 We will take you behind the scenes over the next few days, so stay tuned!☝️ https://t.co/3cvHDj1nsM

We proudly present: Die @XantaroGroup IT-Trials! 🤩 Bewirb dich jetzt für einen einmaligen Support und kombiniere deine 🎮 Esports-Karriere mit einer IT-Karriere. 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Mehr Informationen & Bewerbung 👉 https://t.co/uDK25bTUvL #ITTrials https://t.co/s2pWLduKSU

Instead of pulling off an april fools joke ourselves… What‘s the worst one you‘ve seen today?🤔

Das unsere Talents High Elo sind wissen wir ,aber wie gut kennen sie die Loweren Elos? 🤔 Findet es heraus bei unserem neuen Format: Guess the Elo mit Special Guest @LoLSola 🤩 📺 https://t.co/OplCyf1RzF https://t.co/3X2DuZ64W1

/german Die #epfshowbyjohnny mit @LPGjustJohnny geht endlich in die zweite Runde!🤩 Wir gehen live aus dem @xperion_germany Köln, kommt sehr gerne vorbei und schaut live vor Ort zu. 🧡 🗓️ 03.04. ab 12:15 Uhr 📝 Talks, LoL Showmatches & Entertainment 📺 https://t.co/fyVa4HIGFm https://t.co/ZVIaQTeiON

/german Heute hat #D0kt0rFr3sh mal wieder eine sehr frische Kombination am Start. Blattspinat, Avocado, Zitrone und Banane. Klingt wild, aber hat laut @MoSiTing_ absolutes “Challenger-Niveau”. 😏 Zum Rezept 👉 https://t.co/PPeVaWX4hl #FrischeHacks https://t.co/FnYi3oHpPp

Arbeitet hier jemand in einem IT-Beruf oder hat jemals etwas von einem Systems Engineer im Front- & Backend gehört? 🤔 Wir geben zu: wir haben keine Ahnung. 😁 @XantaroGroup könnt ihr uns da sonst weiterhelfen? 😬

Unsere #EsportsAcademyNRW #LeagueOfLegends Talents sind auch sehr fleißig in der SoloQ und wir halten euch natürlich immer auf dem Laufenden was ihre derzeitigen Rankings angeht. 💚 https://t.co/vN0GKCXt7W