CampaignsBühne der Show Games&Politics, welche live auf Twitch ausgestrahlt wurde, mit der Unterüberschrift Vote for Europe. Es stehen 5 Sessel auf der Bühne und im Hintergrund ist das Games&Politics Vote for Europe Logo samt Schriftzug auf einem LED Screen zu sehen.

Continuation of Games&Politics with Vote for Europe

On 18.04. we had the pleasure of presenting the latest edition of the Games&Politics series live on Twitch together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Under the title “Vote for Europe”, the focus was on topics such as esports and gaming in Europe, highlighting the diverse potential of these areas.

Combining gaming and esports

In three exciting panel talks, our guests offered valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges of esports and gaming in Europe. They emphasized how these platforms are not just for entertainment, but also offer a unique opportunity to impart knowledge about history, culture and political contexts. Gaming and esports thus represent an easily accessible international communication platform that connects people across borders and promotes mutual understanding.

Gamers are more resistant to disinformation

Numerous relevant topics were addressed during the livestream. The resistance of gamers to disinformation was discussed, as were the possibilities of using gaming to make political action more comprehensible. Strategies and hopes for the future of European esports were also discussed. This variety of topics shows the enormous potential that lies in the combination of gaming, esports and politics.

Many interesting guest contributions

A particular highlight of the event was the great moderation by Jona “LPGJustJohnny” Schmitt, which gave the discussions a lively and stimulating dynamic. The participants Theres Modl, Kim-Noemi Adam, Anika Wolter, Tobias Scholz, Adrián Padín Suárez and Manouchehr Shamsrizi contributed their different perspectives and expertise and thus enriched the show format considerably.


We would like to thank the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for its partnership and cooperation. Special thanks also go to the XPERION Germany team and all participants for their valuable contribution to the continuation of the Games&Politics series. The “Vote for Europe” event showed how versatile and full of opportunities the integration of esports and gaming into the political and cultural debate can be. We are already looking forward to the next issues of Games&Politics and all the other exciting discussions that await us.

For all those who missed the event, the entire stream is still available on the Twitch channel of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation: