Important in life and in esports: Techniker Krankenkasse supports all health relevant aspects of the esports player foundation’s activities. From sports psychology to nutrition, a broad range of health related services are made possible by Techniker, with the systematic sports medicinal examination for all esports athletes as a global standout project.

Fitness Training

Our partner Garmin facilitates professional fitness coaching with personal trainers for our athletes and additionally provides their leading fitness and health wearables and smartwatches. A good physical constitution helps to concentrate over long periods of time, gain mental strength and to apply this not only during competitions, but to increase the effectiveness of every training session. Talents that are not part of a professional esports organisation receive mandatory physical training.

Skillcourt itself is a fitness innovation that combines cognitive and physical training. It allows to physically practice abilities like reaction time or concentration and therefore contributes to developing esports players to well rounded athletes. Together with Skillcourt the esports player foundation will develop training programs that are tailored to the needs of players in games like LoL or CS:GO.

Sports Medicinal Examination

The Arcus Kliniken in Pforzheim/Germany are among the leading hospitals in sports medicine, orthopedics and arthropathy. Every one of our athletes will get a basic sports medicinal examination to eliminate potential health risks. Monitoring the individual condition of each player is the basis to avoid long term damages to hand, shoulder or back and to ensure their health in general.


Our official supplier Cryopoint provides access to cryotherapy for our players. This includes access to cryocabins with temperatures that can go as low as 150 degrees celsius below minus and also punctual applications of cooling for example for hand, thumb and wrist. The extreme cold initiates the release of endorphins and activates the body‘s own healing and recovery abilities. The immune system is strengthened, stress levels are reduced and muscles relax.

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