In-Game Coaching

Talents that are not part of a professional organisation get mandatory in-game training provided by top coaches of the esports player foundation.

Players who are (semi-)professionals are invited to participate, but only after consulting their team coaches and management.

We are streaming selected sessions publicly (with coachee consent, of course), so aspiring esports athletes can benefit from the training, too. Follow us on Twitch.

League of Legends scholarship

Together with our enabling partner DKB we are able to provide a special set of services for four selected talents in League of Legends. These players receive even more services, a closer assistance and supervision and even more emphasis on their dual career development. Being a partner of the LoL Prime League, DKB significantly contributes to the development of League of Legends in Germany.


Logitech G supports our athletes, pros and talents alike, when their performance can be enhanced through equipment. This is not sponsoring, but enabling: The best gaming gear supports the best performance and continuous improvement as a player.

Bootcamp Supplier

Play like a champion! Caseking is one of the leading European online retailers for distinctive and high-quality computer hardware, systems and equipment. Als Official Hardware Supplier unterstützen sie uns und unsere Talente vor allem bei der As Official Hardware Supplier, they support us and our talents especially when it comes to boot camp gear.von Bootcamps. By providing us with the best possible PC systems at all times, Caseking ensures that our talents can always perform at their best.

Top performance in games requires top hardware. When the available equipment slows down or obstructs a player‘s improvement, we provide the necessary hardware to establish a level playing field with other competitive players. We are proud to cooperate with Nvidia who provide the ultimate gaming experience for our players.

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