PromotionZu sehen sind drei Bilder von Philipp Englert, Gamertag Lilipp, Spieler bei Eintracht Spandau und Gewinner der EMEA Masters. Lilipp wird von der esports player foundation gefördert und auf seinem Trikot sind das Eintracht Spandau Wappen, sowie das Sparkassen Logo zu sehen. Der Hintergrund ist blau und im Subtext steht: Champion Prime League & EMEA Masters - Spring 2024

Lilipp does not give up

A motto that describes Philipp “Lilipp” Englert perfectly. For three and a half years now, Lilipp has been supported by the esports player foundation. During this time, he has experienced an eventful esports career that has been characterized by highs and lows. But now, at the age of 23, Lilipp has won the EMEA Masters andhas reached a new highlight in his playing career and proven that resilience can be the key to success. Lilipp drew new strength from apparent setbacks and never lost faith in his abilities.

This also applies to Lilipp’s team, Eintracht Spandau. Despite a difficult start and losing a few games, they never gave up. Instead, they went into the next rounds with even greater motivation. Eintracht Spandau and Lilipp have impressively proven that you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals through perseverance and self-confidence. Her story is not only inspiring, but also a reminder that the road to success is often rocky. But with determination and confidence, no goal is too high or too far away.

We wish Lilipp a successful future in esports!

You can find out more about Lilipp and the victory of his team, Eintracht Spandau, here: